Due to the ever increasing issues of obsolescence and locating original manufacturers InvisiTech have successfully introduced the topic of RE-ENGINEERING. This is an unlimited service, and applies to mechanics and electronics equally.

InvisiTech Re-Engineering solutions for:

  • Electronics – where the PCB layout is “Missing" but a look alike copy is required
  • Electronics – where the components are obsolete and a new design is required
  • Mechanical Items – sheet metal where inhouse services no longer exist
  • Mechanical Items – simple one part items
  • Mechanical Items – complex assemblies copied

The Ultimate Solution Provider solves all issues related to re-engineering – direct copies or enhanced capabilities – making your life simple.

Electronics - Re-Engineering

Electronics – Re-Engineering

Electronics - PCB Re-Design

Electronics – PCB Re-Design

Mechanical - Sheet Metal

Mechanical – Sheet Metal

Mechanical - Simple single items

Mechanical – Simple Single Items

InvisiTech offer a comprehensive engineering service – from a simple item to complex assemblies, in any technologies – InvisiTech can provide the necessary expertise and management to satisfy any requirement.

Infinite solutions from InvisiTech

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