About the Company

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to solving your most troubling issues related to obsolescence, purchasing, manufacturing and development. We have used our unique skills of positive and lateral thinking to solve technical problems without failure since 1985.

The Managment Team

David Purdie, Managing Director david@invisitech.co.uk

In addition we have an extended team of partner businesses trained and supervised by us to help us give you a solution to any obsolescence, design or development need. If you think it can’t be done, get a qualified 2nd opinion. Ask InvisiTech to visit you. David and Shirley will be pleased to listen and then explain how we can assist your company in saving money, whilst you are developing new or supporting older systems.

Our Customers

The original customer base was all mil/Aero electronics companies, but over the last 20 years most low volume and high value industries, including Medical, Formula One and Railways have also used our services.

Our Qualifications

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Audited and approved for use by UK MoD
  • Audited and approved for use by USAF
  • Suppliers to the DLO Supplier to NAMSA (NATO)
  • Previous winner of Sussex Small Business of the Year Award
  • Approval Certificates from Goodrich and Thales
  • Customer retention of over 20 years

Our History

In 1984 David Purdie had the seed of an idea, based upon a study done relating to the cost of PCB assemblies (£5,000 each on average) within Link-Miles. These were being written off as beyond economic repair (BER) too easily, with no effort put into finding a repair system or subcontractor – and so the idea was formed. Precision Repair Services (PRS) was to become the repair subcontractor for Mil/Aero electronics. Established August 1985, PRS was formed.

After two years, PRS was established as a top class mechanical repair company to rival any set up by the Prime Contractors. We then added modifications by wires to our portfolio. Soon it was obvious that this was not the most efficient way of working, and so InvisiMod was developed (modifications to PCB’s without wires – using a thin laminate bonded to the PCB assembly).

When Electronic Obsolescence started to hit the industry, the company developed many types of IC converters to combat the increasing problems. With the increasing use of specialist partnered sub-contract companies, it was a natural progression to expand into mechanical obsolescence and re-engineering. As the company expanded so did the services on offer, including product development for our customers. It was decided that InvisiTech was a more appropriate name, as this summed up what the Company was trying to achieve …. Invisible Technology. InvisiTech was formed in 2004 and has been building on its strengths in finding solutions to more and varied customer needs.

Since 2005 our network of partner businesses has also expanded and what we can offer truly has no limit. Your project will be created and managed every step of the way by David or Shirley. We are always only a phone call or email away and pride ourselves on fast, efficient and top quality customer service.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry! Tel: +44 (0)1903 268222 or email sales@invisitech.co.uk